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As I promised earlier this week, Iʼm really excited to present my first fine art print in 15+ years.

Itʼs inspired by the city that has been my
familyʼs home for close to 60 years.

My maternal grandfather retired from
the Navy here following his service. He raised his family on the banks of the Wando, tucked back near Molasses Creek. I remember as a child climbing the brick wall that bordered their place and a grand old southern mansion that sat on the point of the creek and river. As kids, we used to run out to the end of my grandfather's pier and beckon for the cargo ships headed up river to blast their foghorns. Occasionally they obliged much to our delight.

My paternal family, originally from Mooresville NC, landed in Charleston by way of The Citadel. Following my grandfather's service in the Army he went on to feed 1000s of hungry cadets,
running the Dining Facility during Gen. Clark's

My family has always been intrinsically tied to
The Citadel. As kids weʼd climb on the tank and plane at the end of the parade field. Some of my earliest memories are of its castle like towers and arguing with my brother who got to use the periscope first. When he retired after 30 years in the Army, my Father a Citadel graduate (‘64) himself and mother, a College of Charleston graduate both took positions at the The Citadel, and they too settled in Mt. Pleasant.

By then I had already started a family of my
own, and soon we began returning to Charleston.

Charleston Complete_Scene-SOLD OUT.jpg
Charleston Complete_Scene-001 close up.j

But just recently it occurred to me that the place I know of as my family's “hometown”, is a place I have never actually lived. You see
by some random life occurrences, I am the only one in my family back through both sets of grandparents, every aunt and uncle, parents and siblings whoʼs never lived in our hometown. It doesnʼt mean I love it any less.

Well, I guess I can always visit, thereʼs family there. We have a place to stay.

For those of you who have ever felt the pull of the Holy City, this artwork is also for you. It's available in a few extremely short runs, and would make a great gift for any Charlestonian at heart.

Thanks to everyone who purchased a print! My gratitude is immense!

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