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[il-uh-strey-shuh n] 


1. something that illustrates, as a       picture in a book or magazine.

2. a comparison or an example

    intended for explanation or


3. the act or process of


4. the act of clarifying or

    explaining; elucidation.

I've never been able to put in words what I'm most excited to create. Big color packed illustrations, or black and white if you're so inclined. If you're looking for a well rounded illustrator that can take your concept across platforms, I'm happy to hear your thoughts. Drop me an email and we can discuss your project.

If your interested in some of my past projects please check out the gallery to your right.

48C22-Ally_4-5x12 144dpi.jpg
9C22-NAPA_4-5x12 144dpi.jpg
5C22-HendrickCars_4-5x12 144dpi.jpg
24C22-Liberty_4-5x12 144dpi.jpg


You clicked the link. showed some effort and will be rewarded.

Feel free to download the highest free version of the art available and use it how ever you'd like,  within the rights of the trademark owners of course. i.e. Don't make merch with these images.


Each image is sized optimally to fit into Facebook's cover photo dimensions.  If there's enough interest, we'll see about branching out across the other platforms, but you have to let me know that's something you're interested in.  Drop me an email, comment on the front page, or back on Facebook and we'll gor from there.

They're easy to Download

Just right click on the image you'd like and save it to your desktop.

The Archangel Michael
Get a Grip
The Kraken
'31 Chevy
Walking Mayberry
December 26
'71 Chevy
Lucius Clay
Six-Gun Bot
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