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From the time I was old enough to hold a Crayon I’ve been creating. I’ve never known any other way. Growing up, when other kids’ days were filled with sports practice and music recitals I spent my time at desks and drawing boards making sure I had just the right line weights, and perfect 3 point perspective. It wasn’t the easiest path,

but I was fortunate enough that I had more than my fair share of encouragement from a family that excelled in it’s creative abilities. Today, those earliest scribbles on any scrap of paper I could find have turned out to be the foundation for industry standard and trend setting graphics.

What does all this mean to you?

After 25 years, I know my way around the details of the commercial graphic design industry. From the smallest web graphic to the largest promotional billboards, from screen printed apparel to complete vinyl vehicle wraps, I’m confident in my abilities to create striking memorable concepts. I know the difference between RGB, CMYK and Pantone® Color palettes and when they should be applied. I’m aware of the intricacies between rasters and vectors, or high and low resolutions, and the results each produce. I know what it’s like to work under the pressure of a tight looming deadline and I’m comfortable doing so. Whether it’s an internationally known company or a small local business each receives the same amount of attention to detail as the other, because the graphics and images I create are a reflection of me and each bears the pride I take in my efforts.

Why should I be your freelance graphic designer?

I don’t over commit or under deliver. I won’t bill for work I don’t do. You won’t be charged for incidentals, i.e. Email approvals, hard copies, file transfers or digital proofs. When all is said and done, you’ll only be invoiced for quality finished artwork that meets your needs and has been specifically created based on the input you provide. It’s your concept, I’m just the means to make it a reality. From the first thumbnail sketch to the final production worthy art, you will be kept in the loop of the creation process, with visual updates and an detailed account of each time work is committed to your project. It’s just the way I like to do things. No smoke or mirrors, just quality artwork.

It is my sincere hope that it’s qualities of this nature that you value and are looking for in a artist, and you allow me to create for you exactly the piece that fulfills your needs.


Sr. Graphic Designer, Boy Scouts of America, Supply Division

Responsibilities include the creation of artwork for apparel graphics, embroidered goods, and product/specialty item development. Also included in my responsibilities are the creation and output of marketing materials for seasonal and focused sales programs


Art & Graphics Manager, Hendrick Motorsports
Responsible for the concept, design and day to day management of digital and physical graphics assets for championship motorsports team. Including (but not limited to) company brand standards, company logo(s) creation, stock car and complete team graphics schemes, business development graphics, team
marketing graphics and web graphics.









Lead Graphic Designer, Motorsports Authentics (Formerly
Responsible for the concept and design of motorsports memorabiliaincluding (but not limited to) Apparel, Souvenir trinkets and scaled Die-cast models. I also partcpated in the creation of merchandise catalogs, Hot item advertisements & web graphics.


Art Director/Graphic Artist, PRO CAL Professional Decals
Responsible for the complete concept, design and production of graphics, and art work for local and national businesses and corporations, including but not limited to; logo designs, advertising schemes, large scale graphics, screen print color separations, page layout, photo scanning and retouching.


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